Comprehensive automation of EHS rules supervision

Enable security cameras to deliver actionable insights and automatically identify hazards and near misses in real time keeping your business and employees safe.

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EHS Compliance Tracking

Proactively track, understand and monitor rapidly changing EHS regulatory requirements that are applicable to your organization, whether locally or across the globe.

Automated monitoring lets you reduce the burden of manual safety monitoring.


Access to continuous safety audits to extend data from manual audits.

Data insights & TRENDS

Get automated reporting about selected time frame, location, shift or department.

Alerts Insights

Surveily utilizes AI to provide accurate and fast decisions on any unsafe acts, incidents or conditions detections.
unsafe acts list

Browse and filter automatically generated list of any unsafe act.


Access proofs of unsafe acts, incidents, conditions by using image sequences to find a cause.

REAL-TIME Intelligence

Receive automatic real-time, around the clock analytics and notifications. 

Advanced Analytics

Visual analytics combines automatic and visual analysis methods with human interactive exploration helps visually understand collected data.

Use visual heatmaps to find areas which should be addressed with the urgent matter.


Analyse  high traffic areas e.g. gates to identify bottlenecks.

Virtual counters

Automatic counting of people, objects and vehicles using the image sourced.

Privacy, Security & GDPR
Surveily does not process biometrics or any other information that can be associate personally. We are compliant with EU GDPR rules. Our core values are safety, data security and privacy protection.

Platform Features

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have prepared our basic system functionalities that can expand the analytical capabilities of existing CCTV cameras.
PPE Compliance

The functionality of automatically
checking whether employees wear PPE.

Evacuation Support

Automated management and support of the entire evacuation procedure.

Danger Zones

Supervise if people and vehicles in the zones move in the designated areas.

Fall Detection

Detect whether a person moves, lies, or does not put their hands in hazardous places.


Vehicle tracking system, speed measurement, licence plate recognition.


Transforms all gathered data into
practical information to improve safety.

Improve Safety & Productivity
of Your Manufacturing.

See how to improve performance of your internal
supply chain and manage material flows more effectively.

How it works?

Surveily Infrastructure:
AI-Server & Your CCTV cameras

Apply AI intelligence to security cameras to protect your employees, vehicles, and property. 
USE EXISTING cctv Cameras

Connect to your existing security cameras and get instant business insights.


Increase camera functionality by adding business rules to existing

Get the business insights

Understand your data and review reports to improve safety, security and productivity.


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