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Deployments options

Surveily is a flexible solution that cuts across a wide variety of deployment models. By leveraging NVIDIA’s hardware we are able to deploy the solution to fit all client scenarios: Cloud, Portable, Offline, and On-Premises.

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The industry's sole provider of a true on-premise solution. Retain complete control and ownership of your data, guaranteeing your security.

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Secure and fast video processing with NVIDIA GPU VMs on top-tier cloud platforms, ensuring confidentiality and reliability.

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Edge & portable

Ideal for small/edge deployments, our system ensures quick installation and uncompromised safety, blending convenience and innovation.

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Transfer video files for in-depth analysis without hardware investment. Our cost-effective solution enhances safety audits and report accuracy seamlessly.

Cultivate a Safety-First Mindset with Data Insights

Instilling a culture of proactive safety data recording can be intricate. With Surveily, leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to autonomously and intelligently capture safety events, tailored to your workspace's distinct needs, ensuring a comprehensive and dynamic approach to workplace safety.

Instant insights into safety scenarios

Integrate seamlessly for 24/7 real-time monitoring. Utilize AI to instantly identify and analyze risks, enabling proactive mitigation of unsafe incidents. Gain continuous insights and full visibility into potential hazards, ensuring your workplace is as safe as it is efficient.

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Promote Data Informed Decision Making

Gain visibility of risk in your workplace to help EHS teams make informed safety decisions, impement corrective actions and evaluate the outcomes.

    Insights at a Glance: Tailored Dashboards & Reports

    Dashboards and reports can be tailored to your unique needs, providing real-time insights for proactive safety decisions. Elevate your safety awareness and ensure employee well-being through our comprehensive, data-driven tools.

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    Demonstrated Return on Investment

    Early adopters have achieved 10x returns in one year.

    71% Reduction in Injuries

    Manual EHS supervision takes time of safety manager for manual inspections and reporting.

    60% Reduction in Incidents

    Proactively address all unsafe acts before they turn into accidents or injuries.

    100X Better Visibility

    The most of safety breaches and near misses are not reported which undermines real safety compliance.

    Surveily elevating safety standards across your entire workplace.

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    Streamlined Efficiency

    Cut back on time-consuming intermittent audits with Surveily. Gain instant, essential insights for enhanced job efficiency and productivity.

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    Continuous Insights

    Surveily offers instant, continuous audit insights, eliminating the need for periodic reviews.

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    Video Proof of Incidents

    Capture and review concrete video evidence during incidents, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and accountability in every safety situation with Surveily.

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    Customer Success

    Our Customer Success team crafts and monitors your personalized environment, ensuring you maximize the benefits of Surveily’s solution for optimal safety and efficiency.

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    Lower Insurance

    With Surveily, mitigate high-risk factors and decrease incidents, leading to a direct reduction in insurance costs. Enhance safety, save money.

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    Safety Reports

    Gain insights with precision through our easy-to-read, customizable reports, providing accurate data to refine and enhance your safety strategies effectively.

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    Deployment Flexibility

    Opt for Surveily's on-prem, cloud, or edge options for a tailored, secure, and efficient safety solution that adapts to your specific needs.

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    Data Driven Training

    Leverage Surveily's tailored safety analytics to proactively equip your staff with targeted training, addressing and preventing recurrent safety issues. Turn insights into actions for enhanced workplace safety.

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    Enchanced Safety Enviorment

    Rest assured in a workspace that’s not just designed for safety but is also continuously monitored. We ensure your working conditions are always optimal, providing an environment that's as safe as it is productive.

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    Protecting your Identity and Data

    We prioritize your security and privacy. We are fully committed to not capturing any personal identity data, adhering to the strictest data protection standards including GDPR compliance. Your security isn’t just a requirement - it’s our top priority, ensuring your data and identity remain uncompromised and protected at all times

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    Privacy by design.

    Your Privacy & Security, Our Priority

    We are deeply committed to the security and privacy of our customers' data, adhering to stringent GDPR compliance and industry-leading security protocols to ensure utmost data protection.

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