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Your Privacy, Our Priority

We take your trust and data protection seriously, crafting our processes and products to achieve the highest standards of security and privacy. Committed to upholding your trust, Surveily embraces the principles of privacy by design and by default.

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What does it mean?

Our Approach to Data Privacy & Security

Our AI-driven technology enhances business safety by providing increased visibility into unsafe behaviors within facilities. This privacy-focused platform integrates seamlessly with existing CCTV systems, utilizing computer vision to autonomously detect unsafe events in environments like warehouses, manufacturing facilities.

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True Data Processing On-site

Your CCTV streams remain within your network, fully controlled and owned by you.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Adherence to global standards like GDPR and CCPA ensures your data is always secure and private.

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Privacy-First Technology

Stay on top of safety supervision and make data-driven decisions without leaving your desk.

How we do it?

De-Identification Techniques

Advanced Anonymization

With pseudonymization, anonymization, and randomization, we ensure no individual can be identified.

Surveily does not use facial recognition. Instead, we apply irreversible face blurring by default and leverage cutting-edge 3D anonymization (coming soon).

Focus on Safety, Not Surveillance

Our platform is designed to track safety incidents to enhance workplace safety, not to monitor individuals.

Features like timestamp anonymization protect against identification through timing, ensuring the highest standards of privacy.

Privacy Statement

Our Commitment to You

Surveily is dedicated to balancing essential safety insights with meticulous privacy protection. Our platform prioritizes non-identifiable data processing, and our R&D team continuously innovates to enhance data protection methods. Trust Surveily to keep your work environment safe and your data secure.



Technical Highlights

Data Security and Integrity

Enhanced Security Measures

AES with a 256-bit key for at-rest data and TLS for data in transit. Regular penetration tests and security assessments are conducted to ensure robust defense against threats.

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Continuous Security Training

We empower our team with ongoing training in the latest security protocols, maintaining a vigilant and proactive security posture.

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Disaster Recovery and Data Resilience

Our comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan ensures uninterrupted service and swift data restoration capabilities, guaranteeing data integrity even in challenging situations.

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Our experts are ready to guide you on how Surveily, backed by hard data, empowers proactive safety decisions. Contact us to explore tailored solutions for your safety needs - let’s make your workplace safer together!