Improve Safety
& Productivity
of Your Manufacturing.

Surveily allows you to automatically monitor and understand what happens on your CCTV cameras observing people, vehicle and processes – 24/7, automatically and in real time.

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Intelligent Operational Edge for EHS 

Consistent improvement of health and safety compliance is crucial for the core of the business which benefits overall safety, efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business.

Manual EHS supervision takes time of safety manager for manual inspections and reporting.


Proactively address all unsafe acts before they turn into accidents or injuries.


The most of safety breaches and near misses are not reported which undermines real safety compliance.

Reduce worksite risk with automated OHS supervision.

AI-powered observation, monitoring and risk prevention in areas of safety, quality and productivity.
Worksite Safety Improvement

AI-driven system analyses CCTV video footage in real time and alerts in case of any violation or anomaly.

Transparency & Visibility

Access to all automatically generated events, incidents & reports.

Efficiency & Performance

Stay on top of safety supervision and make data-driven decisions without leaving your desk.

Complete EHS Safety framework.

Surveily is a fully interactive AI-driven safety framework for both real-time applications and comprehensive safety audits. Take the advantage of automated actions on all your safety scenarios available at your fingerprints!

PPE Compliance

The functionality of automatically
checking whether employees wear PPE.

Evacuation Support

Automated management and support of the entire evacuation procedure.

Danger Zones

Supervise if people and vehicles in the zones move in the designated areas.

Fall Detection

Detect whether a person moves, lies, or does not put their hands in hazardous places.


Vehicle tracking system, speed measurement, licence plate recognition.


Transforms all gathered data into
practical information to improve safety.

How it works?

Surveily Infrastructure:
AI-Server & Your CCTV cameras

Apply AI intelligence to security cameras to protect your employees, vehicles, and property. 
USE EXISTING cctv Cameras

Connect to your existing security cameras and get instant business insights.


Increase camera functionality by adding business rules to existing

Get the business insights

Understand your data and review reports to improve safety, security and productivity.


Improve Safety & Productivity
of Your Manufacturing.

See how to improve performance of your internal supply chain and manage material flows more effectively.



Software that analyzes real-time images from CCTV cameras to automate observation, monitoring and risk prediction in the areas of safety, security and productivity.


ProxiLine is a solution for automatic detection and identification of defects on production lines with the use of AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. 

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