Deployments options.

Surveily is a flexible solution that cuts across a wide variety of deployment models. By leveraging NVIDIA’s hardware we are able to deploy the solution to fit all client scenarios: Cloud, Portable and On-Premises.


All video processing and data storage takes place within facility properties without access to the Internet.


All video is securely send to cloud (Microsoft, Amazon) and it is procesed with Nvidia GPU virtual machines.

Edge & portable

Solution for small deployments mounted close to cameras for rapid deployments in places with limited electricity and internet.


Processing based on video files transferred to analysis for audits or report generation without a need for any hardware investment.

Technology overview.

Solution Architecture.

The overall architecture was developed based on experience from working with manufacturing companies. There are three fundamental parts of the system that connect with each other digitally. The flow of information runs from the camera that monitors the designated area, through the server room, where the image is analyzed and cataloged.


Surveily can integrate with various systems, machines, smart devices, lights or sound alerting systems to strengthen impact of the system and make it more autonomous.

Light & Sound

Turn on/off your lighting or sound system within your facility whenever there is unsafe act detected.

Phisical Infrastructure

Control existing infrastructure e.g. gate, barrier, screen whenever the rules are applied.


Integrate dedicated API for accessing reports, data and real-time notifications.

Cameras & Integrations.

Surveily can connect 95% of the CCTV systems on the market.

Our system works with most (+90%) IP cameras on the market which supports RTSP streaming and h.264 encoding. Surveily has expert level in implementing solutions even on analogue cameras, so as long you have digital CCTV network with IP cameras you are good to go.

How we handle your data?

Security, Privacy & GDPR.

Surveily does not process biometrics or any other information that can be associate personally. We are compliant with EU GDPR rules. Our core values are safety, data security and privacy protection.

  • Cloud Infrastructure security

    Services inside Surveily infrastructure use HTTPS or RPC protocols for communication.

  • Camera stream security

    The data fed into Surveily from cameras are secured by S/RTSP protocol between client and server.

  • Server side security

    Surveily servers use hash based algorithms to determine if the correct version of the operating system and images are used inside the machine.

  • E2E Encryption

    To encrypt the communication internally and externally, we use the most secure encryption algorithms and access control system for each system service.

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