Workplace Safety AI Solution for Automotive Industry

Surveily is revolutionizing worker safety in the automotive industry by offering real-time insights through its safety incident management software. This empowers EHS teams to better understand and act on key safety indicators, significantly improving health and safety outcomes despite widespread hazards like toxic chemicals, noise, and machinery.

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AI Use Cases

How Surveily's AI is addressing safety hazards in the Automotive Sector

Our comprehensive safety software is revolutionizing machine safety by preventing mishaps through real-time detection of safety guard violations, ensuring machinery is operated securely. Additionally, our EHS management system is designed to identify risky behaviors, such as workers taking shortcuts by climbing into shelves. For lifting and crane operations, Surveily offers immediate alerts for any safety hazards related to suspended loads, promoting a safer working environment for all.


Machine Area Controls

Surveily identifies risky behaviors by monitoring when workers enter or interact with machinery in restricted areas to prevent severe incidents.


Crane Area

Surveily maintains crane fall zone safety by monitoring to exclude non-essential personnel from danger zones, ensuring a safe work perimeter.


Clear Vehicle Ways

Surveily keeps vehicle pathways clear, essential for accident prevention and smooth traffic. Continuous oversight helps manage access and safety.


Clear Walkway

Surveily identifies walkway obstructions to prevent trips or falls, providing insights for clear pathways and safe passage in your facility.


Hard Hats & Bump Caps

Automatically detect and report when a worker isn't wearing a hard hat in required areas, enabling quick corrective action to minimize head injury risks and promote a safer workspace.


Speed Limit Detection

Surveily offers real-time vehicle speed monitoring, enabling quick identification of violations. This insight aids in swiftly developing proactive measures for speed limit enforcement, boosting safety.

Case Study

How to reduce incidents by 75% in 16 weeks?

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!

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