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We Help EHS Teams Make Workplaces Safer

Surveily, a fast-growing tech company, enhances manufacturing safety by automating supervision with AI and computer vision, backed by Industry 4.0 and AI-focused venture capital.

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Our Mission

Revolutionize Industrial Safety Using AI to Prevent  Workplace Injuries

Despite rigorous health and safety standards, workplace accidents continue to pose a grave problem, with costs surpassing those of cancer and resulting in tragic losses of life and health, which cannot be compensated. Each year, 2.5 million lives are claimed by workplace hazards. In response, our mission is to overhaul the fragmented and underserved state of industrial safety, moving from reactive compliance to proactive prevention. We advocate for modern OHS supervision methods and utilize leading safety indicators and AI to save lives, prevent accidents, and elevate safety standards in production plants

What we do?

We Empower EHS Teams
with AI Tools

Our company is dedicated to transforming industrial safety by addressing the critical issue of workplace accidents. We utilize cutting-edge AI and leading safety indicators to shift from reactive measures to proactive solutions. Our approach involves modernizing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) supervision methods to enhance safety standards, prevent accidents, and ultimately save lives in production environments. Through these innovations, we aim to significantly reduce the economic and human costs associated with workplace hazards.

Integrates with 98% digital camera systems

No need to replace or buy new cameras

100% On-premise deployment

Plug & Play Installation

Backed by Some of The Best VC's & Angels

How we do it?

Enhancing Safety Visibility: AI-Powered Detection of Unsafe Behaviors in Real-Time

Our AI-driven technology enhances business safety by providing increased visibility into unsafe behaviors within facilities. This privacy-focused platform integrates seamlessly with existing CCTV systems, utilizing computer vision to autonomously detect unsafe events in environments like warehouses, manufacturing facilities.

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Safety Improvement

AI-driven system analyses CCTV video footage in real time and alerts in case of any violation or anomaly.

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Superior Visibility

Access to all automatically generated events, incidents & reports.

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Performance Gain

Stay on top of safety supervision and make data-driven decisions without leaving your desk.

Meet The Team

Our Leadership

Wojciech Tubek

Product, Vision and Customer Success.

Wojciech Turowicz

Technology & AI.

Allan Galatolo

Sales and Business Development.

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Awards & Recognition

SAP.IO Munich

Finalist of SAP.IO Industry Munich acceleration program.

Nvidia GTC

Featured on Nvidia GTC Startup Challange for AI breakthrough.

Startup Challange

Winner of the contest.

Mass Challenge

Finalist of MC Switzerland acceleration program. TOP 20 out of 120.

Innovation Eagle

Competition for start-ups and innovative companies.

Best Software & Pitch

Winner of two categories.

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