Building a Proactive Safety Culture

Enable your Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team to extract valuable insights from potential workplace risks and take meaningful actions.

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Discover Hidden Risks

Achieve comprehensive insight into injuries and potential hazards across every facility.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage actionable intelligence to anticipate and prevent future incidents.

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Build Safety Culture

Encourage proactive safety habits among all employees.

Superior Visibility

Gain Complete Clarity

Find innovative ways to reduce injuries and enhance efficiency through continuous risk monitoring.

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Monitor PPE Usage in Real-Time and Gain Video Insights into High-Risk Incidents, Enabling Proactive Engagement for Enhanced Workplace Safety.

Hard Hats

Bump Caps


Hearing Protection and more ...

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Vehicle Safety

Emphasizing Near-Miss Prevention and Safety Distance Protocols. Comprehensive Coverage includes Traffic Rules, Parking, and More.

Near Miss



Parking and more ...

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Area Management

Effectively manage high-risk worksite regions, utilizing min/max count, restricted access, time limits, and turn your cameras into an early warning accident prevention system.

Perimeter Detection

No Pedestrian Zones

Min & Max Count

Blocked Exits & Aisles and more ...

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Behavioural Analysis

Enforcing real-time, proactive behaviour with data insights into multiple points, including handrail use, safe traveling practices, and stopping unwanted grouping.

Mobile Phone

Grouping of workers

Handrail Compliance

Jumping Over Belt and more ...

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Environment Maintenance

Monitor your environment/facility in real time for spill, debris and fallen items and more. Thus enabling immediate action to clean and ensure a safer environment.

Left Items


Open / Closed Doors & Gates

Clear Walkways and more ...


Develop Ground-Breaking Safety Strategies

Identify problems and implement significant improvements with comprehensive workforce analytics.

Safety Scoring

Surveily's Safety Score evaluates a site's adherence to safe work practices and behaviors. Fewer risky actions mean a higher score.

Trend Reports

Effortlessly spot trends using automated incident tracking. Examine data by type, location, and time across individual or multiple sites.

Custom Reports

Quickly create tailored reports for one or multiple sites in just a few clicks.

Browse Incidents

Surveily brings attention to high-risk incidents that demand your focus, enabling you to prioritize crucial issues.


Proactive Safety Culture

Elevate safety standards across every level, from the front office to the frontline, using Surveily AI tools.

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Intelligent Alerts

Prioritize key safety concerns through dynamic, ranked notifications.

Task Management

Assign and track corrective tasks, ensuring effective resolution for each team member.

Corrective Actions

Our safety experts offer personalized guidance on preventive strategies tailored to your business needs.

Case Study

How to reduce incidents by 75% in 16 weeks?

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!

Plug & Play Solution

Fast, Safe, and Secure Deployment

Easy Setup

Surveily integrates with existing security cameras and goes live within a week of installation.


No facial recognition or personal identification features are used, and video availability can be controlled.

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Designed for Security

The solution offers complete end-to-end encryption with a certified, entirely on-premises setup.

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