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24/7 Housekeeping Event Detection

Access detailed insights into workplace housekeeping activities with Surveily AI.

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Housekeeping Risk Types

Ensuring unobstructed walkways is imperative to prevent trips, slips, and falls, enhance accessibility, and create a safe pedestrian environment. Achieve a comprehensive understanding of these behaviors with Surveily AI.


Clear Vehicle Ways

Surveily keeps vehicle pathways clear, essential for accident prevention and smooth traffic. Continuous oversight helps manage access and safety.


Clear Walkway

Surveily identifies walkway obstructions to prevent trips or falls, providing insights for clear pathways and safe passage in your facility.


Open-Closed Doors

Surveily monitors door statuses to prevent them from being left open or closed beyond safety norms, aiding in incident prevention and compliance.


Open-Closed Gates & Bay Doors

Surveily tracks gate and bay door status, providing insights for safety, energy savings, and quick emergency response, enhancing operational efficiency and safety compliance.


Unattended Object / Left Items

Surveily alerts on misplaced objects, reducing injury risks and preventing vehicle damage and subsequent incidents.

Case Study

How to reduce incidents by 75% in 16 weeks?

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!

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