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AI EHS Safety Solutions for Retail & Wholesale Industry

Surveily transforms safety practices within the retail and wholesale sector by improving the capacity to recognize and address potential dangers. With extensive risk awareness, Surveily enables EHS teams to take proactive measures to protect their employees.

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How Surveily's AI is addressing safety hazards in the Retail & Wholesale Industry

Within the complex ecosystem of retail operations, multiple elements such as machines, humans, and technologies must coexist harmoniously. Surveily AI provides assistance in identifying various hazards including restricted access to operational areas, non-compliance with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, collisions involving forklifts and trucks, as well as injuries resulting from lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy loads.


Worker & Vehicle Near Miss

Surveily captures and reports near-miss events between workers and vehicles, serving as an early warning for potential workplace injuries.


Reflective / High-Vis Vest

Receive alerts when a worker without a high-visibility vest is detected in hazardous areas, using this to highlight the importance of visibility and reinforce safety protocols.


Pedestrian Way Violation

Surveily tracks pedestrian compliance with designated walkways to prevent incidents, offering insights to enhance safety for foot traffic.


Speed Limit Detection

Surveily offers real-time vehicle speed monitoring, enabling quick identification of violations. This insight aids in swiftly developing proactive measures for speed limit enforcement, boosting safety.


Over & Going Under

Surveily detects hazardous actions near conveyor belts, alerting to prevent injuries and analyzing compliance to proactively address safety violations.


Vehicle Operation Zones

Surveily ensures vehicles stay within designated operation zones through comprehensive monitoring. Prevent unauthorized movements and reduce accident risks in key areas.

Case Study

How to reduce incidents by 75% in 16 weeks?

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!

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