Industrial Manufacturing

AI EHS software solution for Industrial Manufacturing

Surveily empowers EHS teams in the manufacturing industry by providing comprehensive risk visibility. This enables them to identify potential hazards, implement timely preventive measures, and prioritize employee safety effectively.

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How Surveily's AI is addressing safety hazards in the Industrial Manufacturing

Computer vision technology revolutionizes industrial manufacturing safety by enabling real-time monitoring and detection of hazards. It enhances worker safety by identifying unsafe behaviors and equipment anomalies, while ensuring compliance with safety protocols and proper PPE usage. Through video data analysis, computer vision allows for the identification of patterns and areas for improvement, enabling proactive safety measures. In summary, computer vision empowers manufacturing companies to continually enhance safety protocols and address safety concerns in a proactive manner.


Hard Hats & Bump Caps

Automatically detect and report when a worker isn't wearing a hard hat in required areas, enabling quick corrective action to minimize head injury risks and promote a safer workspace.



Detects and alerts on visor non-use to safeguard face and eye safety.


Speed Limit Detection

Surveily offers real-time vehicle speed monitoring, enabling quick identification of violations. This insight aids in swiftly developing proactive measures for speed limit enforcement, boosting safety.


Clear Vehicle Ways

Surveily keeps vehicle pathways clear, essential for accident prevention and smooth traffic. Continuous oversight helps manage access and safety.


Vehicle Operation Zones

Surveily ensures vehicles stay within designated operation zones through comprehensive monitoring. Prevent unauthorized movements and reduce accident risks in key areas.


Incorrect Parking

Surveily monitors vehicles parked in unauthorized areas, crucial for maintaining order and safety by preventing incidents.

Case Study

How to reduce incidents by 75% in 16 weeks?

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!

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