How does Surveily work?

Surveily is a software that integrates with the existing CCTV cameras. It analyzes video stream with the use of artificial intelligence and notifies all interested people about the unsafe acts and conditions within facilities.

Privacy, security & GDPR

Surveily does not process biometrics or any other information that can be associate personally. We are compliant with EU GDPR rules. Our core values are safety, data security and privacy protection.

What are the deployment options?

We offer cloud, hybrid and on-premise options.

Can you add feature which is not listed?

Yes. We are sole owner of the technology and we can also customize our solution to your needs.

Which industries Surveily work with?

Surveily works mostly with companies where risk of injury is high. Currently we work with chemicals, oil & gas, mining, food & beverage, warehouses, logistics, retail, electricity & automotive. We constantly continue to grow our presence on new markets and provide service for more industries.

What types of incidents, events or conditions you can detect?

Surveily provide many features and scenarios to reduce injuries and improve worker safety. Our product can be configured to notify EHS teams whenever there are unsafe acts happening in real time. We can identify lack of PPE, unsafe behaviour of workers, moving objects, collisions, vehicle speeding, anomalies, left objects and many more. Our feature set is constantly growing.

How the system will notify me about incidents?

Whenever the unsafe act is detected we send an email/notification/sms in real time to interested personel. We also provide an image sequence of the that situation which can be accessed by our application through web browser.

How accurate is Surveily?

With all our deployments we aim to have +95% accuracy rate.

Do I need to get any additional consent from the workers?

No, you do not have to. Surveily is not storing any personal data or processing any biometrics.

How you store the collected data?

The colected data are stored on the device (server) which processing data from CCTV cameras within facilities. By default we store data for 180 days howevere this can be increased or decreased based on your needs.

Which cameras can be attached to the system?

Our system works with +90% IP cameras on the market which suports RTSP streaming and h.264 encoding.

What can system detect and from what distance?

Vision systems can only detect thing that can be seen by human. If there is something that can not be identified looking at video stream then most likely it is not possible to detect it by the machine.

How many cameras can I connect to the system?

There is no limit of the number cameras, it can be 5 or 100.

What is the minimum video quality?

The minimum video quality is 720p however we recommend 1080p or higher.