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AI Safety Solution for Waste Management Industry

Surveily boosts waste management companies by offering unmatched awareness of their safety hazards. Through Surveily, EHS teams achieve detailed oversight of potential risks, enabling them to preemptively recognize and mitigate any threats.

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AI Use Cases

How AI is tackling safety hazards in the Waste Management Industry

Explore the transformative impact of AI on safety in the Waste Management Industry. AI technology proactively identifies and mitigates hazards, improving compliance and worker safety. See how AI is elevating safety standards and operational efficiency in waste management.


Vehicle Restricted Area

Surveily instantly alerts you to vehicles in restricted zones, providing immediate incident awareness.


Handrail / Barnnister Usage

Surveily identifies when handrails are not used, supporting safety training to promote safer stairway use and prevent incidents.


Over & Going Under

Surveily detects hazardous actions near conveyor belts, alerting to prevent injuries and analyzing compliance to proactively address safety violations.


Pedestrian Way Violation

Surveily tracks pedestrian compliance with designated walkways to prevent incidents, offering insights to enhance safety for foot traffic.


Reflective / High-Vis Vest

Receive alerts when a worker without a high-visibility vest is detected in hazardous areas, using this to highlight the importance of visibility and reinforce safety protocols.


Worker & Vehicle Near Miss

Surveily captures and reports near-miss events between workers and vehicles, serving as an early warning for potential workplace injuries.

Case Study

How to reduce incidents by 75% in 16 weeks?

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!

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