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Smart QA.

Automatic Quality Control.

Reduce costs and risk and increase throughput and quality by using our core features.

Anomaly detection
Identification of rare events or observations which deviate from the majority of the data.
Labels verification
Ensuring that products leave the factory in the correct packaging and with the correct label.
Product completeness
Verify if products are in the strictly specified assortment and with the correct quantitative balance.
Surface defects
Detection of surface defects such as cracks, surface porosity, leaks and many more.
Process control
Verify if all necessary human-machine-product interactions are in place.
Assembly inspections
Verify if all necessary steps are completed on different stages of production.

Complete QA solution

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Solution.

We use our proprietary AI models and work with industry-leading hardware manufacturers and integrators.

  • AI & Deep Learning

    - Deep learning & computer vision algorithms
    - Data processing
    - Custom software

  • Hardware

    - Cameras and optics
    - Compute Units & Servers
    - Light and other sensors

  • Integrations

    - Integrations with existing systems
    - Blowers and flaps
    - Robotic solutions


Utilize the Surveily QA to monitor production parameters that directly affect productivity, production quality, and customer satisfaction.

Cost saving

Quality control automation allows to reduce operating costs and the risk of shipping defective products.

Repeatable accuracy

Surveily software capabilities allow us to offer solutions that consistently identify up to 99% of defective products.

Unnoticed Incidents

From label detection, shape & orientation, to complex pattern, scratch and anomaly identification, as well as classification/segmentation.

How it works?

Solution overview

The basic system configuration includes the following components:

  • Inspection cameras

    Deliver footage of production line, which is mounted near the monitored line.

  • Server

    Process input video stream using AI & CV and manage system sensors.

  • Lighting system

    High-quality and carefully selected Lighting system for best product exposure.

  • Control Panel

    Control the system, read reports by using graphical HUD interface.

Case study

Automated quality assurance system for washing machine production line.

See how we automated part of visual quality assurance on washing machines assembly line by utilizing technology of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Download case study

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