Orlen achieved a 75% reduction in incidents within the first 16 weeks of deployment.

Discover how Surveily AI enhanced site visibility and helped Orlen, a prominent gas and oil company, decrease incidents by 75% within the first 16 weeks of implementation!
Wojciech Tubek
CEO @ Surveily
8 minutes


PKN Orlen is a leading player in the petroleum and energy markets, and one of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe, listed in prestigious global rankings such as Fortune Global 500, Platts TOP 250 and Thompson Reuters TOP 100. The Orlen Group operates in 6 countries – Poland, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and Canada.


The issue posed by PKN Orlen pertained to the process offloading a tanker truck with liquid asphalt at elevated temperatures of up to200°C. Both employees of filling stations and drivers are involved in this procedure. Surveily primarily addresses the issue of inadequate utilization of personal protective equipment, specifically face shields, among drivers engaged in the task of pouring bitumen into road tankers. The inadequate utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE) presents a significant risk to the well-being and survival of workers.


In their quest for optimal safety solutions, Orlen selected Surveily AI to assist their HSE team in identifying risk areas across the facilities and minimizing accidents. An HSE Specialist at the Refinery in Płock, Poland, stated, "We can't be everywhere at once, nor can we be on site around the clock. Surveily AI acts like an additional pair of eyes, enhancing the safety of our colleagues." The technology's autonomous event capture allows the team to review occurrences over specific time periods, even in their absence, label any incidents, and make decisions based on data. Another priority was educating contractors on safer work practices rather than focusing on punitive measures. The playback feature of Surveily AI has proven in valuable in this educational process. Furthermore, the ease of integrating Surveily AI with Orlen's existing CCTV systems was crucial in their choice, making the implementation process less time-consuming, overwhelming, and straightforward, according to Orlen.


From the outset, the HSE team observed significant improvements shortly after deploying Surveily AI, noting a 35% reduction in unsafe events on one of their main camera feeds between the first and second week. This decrease was attributed to the team's ability to quickly identify patterns of unsafe behavior and promptly conduct targeted staff training to correct these issues. Additionally, there was a noticeable shift in the refinery team's approach to safety. Following the training, staff comments evolved from "We’ve got cameras watching us" to "We've got a Health and Safety Manager supporting us, ensuring our safety."

Over the following four months, the reduction in unsafe events persisted, driven by the HSE team’s continued ability to identify unsafe behavior patterns and provide timely training interventions, which positively altered staff attitudes toward safety. This sustained effort led to an impressive 75% reduction in incidents after three months. Remarkably, the HSE team has maintained this lower incident rate, underlining Surveily AI's role info stering a proactive safety culture. Moreover, Surveily AI has boosted PPE compliance reporting by more than 30% across the site, with previously unobserved incidents now being captured and addressed.

In addition to the improvements mentioned, Orlen also increased the number of contractors on site. These contractors, being less familiar with the site's safety regulations, contributed to a rise in incidents captured by Surveily AI. This prompted the HSE team to revise their induction process and ensure that their training program for contractors was effectively implemented. Understanding the reasons behind the increase in incidents and being able to take data-driven actions has proven to be a significant advantage.One client mentioned, "Having the capability to detect unsafe behaviors regularly, and then determining why they occur and how to mitigate these trends, has been extremely effective."

The implementation of Surveily AI has been well received by both the on-site workers and the HSE team at Orlen, signalling to workers that senior management is committed to maintaining a safe work environment and is proactive about enhancing their safety culture. An HSE specialist shared, "It has shown our colleagues that we are open to innovation and are keen on achieving positive outcomes. Implementing Surveily AI has been enlightening for everyone at the Orlen refinery, enhancing our understanding of our risks and transforming them into proactive safety measures.

Smart Devices

Surveily AI has taken a significant step forward in enhancing workplace safety by installing smart devices, such as lights and sound signals, that activate in real time during incidents. This autonomous system operates independently, reacting instantly when it detects any unsafe behavior or conditions within the monitored areas. By implementing these real-time alerts, Surveily AI has substantially increased safety, providing immediate warnings and thereby preventing potential accidents. This technology not only alerts staff to immediate risks but also reinforces the presence of a vigilant safety system, continuously working to protect the well-being of everyone on site.


The introduction of our innovative AI solution has significantly enhanced the safety protocols at the refinery. This has resulted in the consistent utilization of protective equipment and expedited support for workers in emergency situations, thereby cultivating a more secure and responsive operational setting.