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Surveily: Empowering EHS Teams with Data-Driven Insights

Surveily is a powerful EHS tool that provides data-driven insights for safety improvement. It records and stores safety events, generates reports, tags stakeholders, and enables collaboration. With real-time data and advanced analytics, EHS teams can identify trends, prevent accidents, and enhance safety performance.

Wojciech Tubek

CEO @ Surveily

Surveily is a powerful tool that offers critical insights to EHS teams to help them improve their safety performance indicators. By recording and storing safety events and rule breaches, Surveily provides evidence-based data to the EHS team, enabling them to better evaluate their safety protocols and make informed decisions.

With Surveily, safety reports are automatically generated, saving valuable time for EHS teams. The software also allows stakeholders or specific team members to be tagged, ensuring that the right people are notified when safety incidents occur.

One of the key features of Surveily is its storyboard functionality, which enables EHS teams to create automated email workflows, add documents, or even record commentary to brainstorm and implement corrective actions. This collaborative feature fosters communication among team members and promotes a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

According to a recent study by the National Safety Council, data-driven safety programs are more effective than those without data analysis. Surveily provides EHS teams with real-time data on safety incidents and rule breaches, allowing them to quickly identify trends, make informed decisions, and take corrective actions to improve their safety KPIs.

In addition, Surveily's advanced analytics capabilities enable EHS teams to identify leading indicators of safety performance, such as near-miss incidents, that can help prevent accidents before they occur. With this proactive approach, EHS teams can reduce the number of safety incidents and improve their overall safety performance.

Overall, Surveily is a powerful tool that empowers EHS teams with data-driven insights to improve their safety performance indicators. By leveraging its advanced analytics capabilities and collaborative features, EHS teams can proactively identify safety risks, make informed decisions, and implement corrective actions to create a safer and healthier workplace.

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